Where we are going!

Valley Travel Club has been providing First Class service to their customers, bringing them to places across the U.S.A., as well as places in Canada and Mexico. Valley Travel is constantly thinking of fun and interesting places to go. Valley travel is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley within minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. The majority of our customers are from Southern California or people visiting from abroad.

The Valley Travel Club tries to accommodate our customers' tastes by "giving the people, what they want at a fair price". Our current itinerary includes both short local trips as well as vacation packages across the country. Most of our tours include lodging with entertainment or meals included with the package. Some of the places that have been visited by Valley Travel passengers are;

The Grand Canyon
Sedona AZ
Lake Tahoe
Branson MO
New Orleans
The Florida Coast
Lake Havasu
Zion National Park

Valley Travel also provides short trips for those who know they will have a lucky streak!
Valley Travel offers many entertainment packages for the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. Valley Travel also provides service to other less familiar towns in Nevada such as Laughlin, Jean, Mesquite, Primm, and Parump to name a few.

Valley Travel also provides overnight or "turnaround" trips for those people who want to make a quick bundle and then get back to work.